Please Wash Hands-Poop Parasites

        Tonight I saw a true story about a PLUMBER who ends up with a poop parasite from feces, while on his jobs. It started with stomach aches. His wife insisted on taking him to the hospital and there he had all kinds of tests and finally diagnosed with stomach cancer since he also lost almost forty pounds. Given pain meds, and his wife lost her job after explaining to her compassionate employer that her husband was dying, they thankfully had some saving to rely on for a while.

       Day to day her husband was giving up and losing more weight, just laying on the sofa waiting for an end. But his wife told her husband that she love so much they were getting a second opinion. Yes, after more of the same tests, PLUS a Poop stool, it came back he had a parasite from being exposed to feces, getting into his system by way of mouth, eyes, nose and hands. He was a plumber and many times used hoses to wash drains which splashed back at his face.

       Within a few days of meds he was feeling better and in two to three weeks he was gaining weight and ready to return to work, but not plumbing. HE did find another job, just as his wife found another doctor.


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