Eat This

     Hey what is up with adding pictures? I can’t. Will try again.


I am so sorry…about Tonight

        Hey guess what everyone? Wait a second please, uh oh, okay I remember now, I was supposed to show you a new picture of a bag, well I made one instead with some emails and guidance from my grand daughter Doozybags, and wallah. It’s a cutie pie if I say so myself. But I have to go buy a camera tomorrow and she is now making a line of skirt bags for kids. Isn’t that an idea now? Oh by the way have you ever heard a name like doozybags ?

         Let me tell you a little about her when she was a kid. She always wanted to sew. Why I’ll never know but I giver her credit you see because no one ever taught her. I lived all over where ever, down here and up there. So one birthday or holiday, not sure so long ago it was, her mom gave her a sewing machine, well I think it was her fathers idea, cheap bastard that he was. It was one of those little plastic sewing machines and yeah, it worked alright, but only enough to do little things. Her first thing she tried to make was a blouse and that girl…I was right there and she pulled the material away from the piece of S— sewing machine, ripped and stomped on it on the floor. I bet she was thirteen. Her parents just laughed at her frustration. Of course they did. The damn thing just cost 2.99 !

         She never sewed another thing until she had her own kids. She bought her own cheap sewing machine, but made to be used by grown-ups and made all kinds of things and that girl, let me tell you was good. Then the whole family made her their personal seamstress so what did she do? She quit sewing again. What she should a done was hit em in the head. Well, she’s back at it now for quiet a while. So she’s my favorite grand daughter and I want to help her if I can. You know we can all learn from each other no matter how old or how far apart we live.

      I give ya my solemn promise, pictures tomorrow night. Get some sleep, and have  a slice of banana cream pie. Whew! excuse me…


Men and Toilets and Hands

ooooww boy is it getting chilly here and looks like rain, so I was having lunch at an old diner in town and notice a man get up, tell his wife or some lady friend what he has to do and won’t be right back. Oh how disgusting that we needed to hear that.  A short time later I had to use the ladies room, just to pee mind you and I hear the toilet flush next door just as I and that same man come out.

     I just washed my hands and hear the door open to the men’s room, no washing, no dryer going either. They just installed hand dryers, trying to make this old place modern. My friend sees me coming out with a look of disgust on my face. She says, Honey what bee got in your bonnet? I tell her about this man and not washing  hands, of course no actual proof. The waitress hears us as she pours more coffee and just tells  us that’s why they steam clean the dishes because they know how men and women too don’t wash their hands after using the toilets, that one time a big infection went through out the restaurant because of feces were found to contaminate from one person to another on coffee cups.

     That changed how I get coffee now, always use my own cups. People just don’t wash hands,wipe butts and walk out, Then the hands go to lips, face and yes, sipping coffee. So easy to pass, and ends up to be a bacteria and or parasite. HEy, next time you want coffee at a restaurant, bring your own cup and ask for plastic utensil, or BYO=bring your own.


Wait until Tonight !

        Good Tuesday morning to you all. Isn’t it just beautiful outside all up and down the East Coast and Southern Country ? For one it’s a great day to get the kids outside and take pictures. oh, So my news is, my grand-daughter sent me a photo a pretty little bag she is working on as a gift. It’s Purple and has another side of butterflies. She tells me she has enough for two bags, so she’s making two today, one as a gift and one to sell. Now isn’t that nice to just give away. She’s done a lot of that.

       I will be shopping today to start a Thanksgiving dinner. You know, want to beat the crowd and all that. I’ll be making Pumpkin, Banana cream, and Peach pies. Most of the family has upped and moved all over the country so you know how that goes. But a good time to share with others. Okay now, I am leaving to shop and will be back here to show you pictures at seven o’clock, East coast time. Hey, Can ya just smell pies baking ?

   Yes one last reminder, help my grand daughter out and at least take a few monutes to see what she offers. Doozybags.com  Bye now


Please Wash Hands-Poop Parasites

        Tonight I saw a true story about a PLUMBER who ends up with a poop parasite from feces, while on his jobs. It started with stomach aches. His wife insisted on taking him to the hospital and there he had all kinds of tests and finally diagnosed with stomach cancer since he also lost almost forty pounds. Given pain meds, and his wife lost her job after explaining to her compassionate employer that her husband was dying, they thankfully had some saving to rely on for a while.

       Day to day her husband was giving up and losing more weight, just laying on the sofa waiting for an end. But his wife told her husband that she love so much they were getting a second opinion. Yes, after more of the same tests, PLUS a Poop stool, it came back he had a parasite from being exposed to feces, getting into his system by way of mouth, eyes, nose and hands. He was a plumber and many times used hoses to wash drains which splashed back at his face.

       Within a few days of meds he was feeling better and in two to three weeks he was gaining weight and ready to return to work, but not plumbing. HE did find another job, just as his wife found another doctor.


Give Grand Daughter a look, come on nice folks

Princess skirt with zipper

This can be bought at Doozybags.com Princess skirt with zipper

My grand daughter makes bags and if I can help her out a bit, well ya know of course I will. Gramma Fannie Lou is always here to help. I know her for a long time and I know how good she sews stuff. I asked her if I can show her things here so I will sometimes. I know also she is making more of these skirt bags in purple and other sweet like colors for little girls. Okay I have to finish up the stew, and pour over wide noodles. Want a taste?  Hey it’s gittin a bit chilly…I am still waiting for my mister, well uh mister-have a cuddly evening now 🙂